How To Create Thumbnails For A Blog. A Comple Tetutorial.

In blogging post, the thumbnail is the most important element. Using a perfect thumbnail can enhance the look of your blog post. If you make a mistake in choosing a thumbnail, it can have a negative impact on your blog Post. If the size of your thumbnail is not consistent, your post will not look good. Ensure you use a thumbnail of the correct size, And you should not make your thumbnail too large, as it increases the load time for your post.

Understand Your Audience

In a blog post, the first thing is to understand your audience before creating a thumbnail. Firstly, decide what you are blogging about what is your blog niche, and who are your audience? Using the right thumbnail ensures you reach the right audience.

You should create the thumbnail in a way that, by looking at it, the audience will know what content can be found in the post. This will attract the right audience who genuinely needs your posts.

For example, if you create a hacking blog post and use a cartoon thumbnail, someone might visit your blog once, but due to the misleading thumbnail, they may never return.

Choose The Perfect Image

Include branding elements related to the post on your thumbnails. This will make it easier for your target audience to locate your content. Having high-quality thumbnails and consistent branding will benefit you by enhancing the visual appeal of your posts and making it easier for viewers to discover your blog.

Keep It Simple

Create a clean and simple design for the thumbnail, which will be more effective in attracting viewers’ attention. Focus on one or two key elements that represent your blog content.

Choose Perfect Size

Include properly sized images in your blog to enhance your blog look. We’ve provided examples showing the appropriate sizes for different images. Feel free to choose according to your preferences.

Website Image TypeImage Resolution (W x H)Image Aspect Ratio
Background image1920 x 108016 : 9
Hero image1280 x 72016 : 9
Banner image300 x 3001 : 1
Blog image900 x 6003 : 2
Logo (Rectangle)250 x 1002.5 : 1
favicon32 x 321 : 1
Thumbnail Image300 x 3001 : 1
image size table

Use Contrast Colour

By creating a thumbnail with contrasting colors, you can enhance your blog’s visibility, readability, and brand identity. Overall, this improves the overall appearance of your blog.

For example, if you create a thumbnail with a black background and use black text, the text becomes difficult to see. However, changing the text color to white makes it easier to read.

Add Customized Text

Always include optimized text on your thumbnails so your audience can learn more about your post. Additionally, keep your website name on the thumbnail, this branding strategy helps your visitors remember your website name, making it easy for them to revisit it whenever they want to read your post again.

Test For Moble Completely

In today’s time, more than 80 percent of internet user use mobile devices to solve their quary online. Audiences are primarily on mobile rather than computers, so it’s important to make sure your blog’s thumbnails look attractive and supported on mobile devices. So test thumbnail for mobile supported also.


How to create thumbnails?

Creating a thumbnail is very easy. You can use any photo editing software. First, select the size, then add elements or text according to your needs, and export, finally you’ve created a thumbnail.

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