What is Backlink And how to create backlinks

What is BACKLINK??

When a website suggest a way to reach aunother website’s address it is called backlink in web language. If you click on a link on one website and reach another website, then in simple language it is called backlink. In the internet two types of backlinks, internal backlinks and external backlinks. Internal backlink redirects you to page or post on the same website and external backlink redirects you to another website post or a page. many websites refer to your website then search engine significantly increase the rank of your website, search engine algorithm think your website is genuine. Than Backlinks are the most important thing in (SEO) search engine optimization.

Create Backlink with multiple website

Backlink is just a link of your website’s page or a post. If you make more than one website than you can connect with each other website page or post to the use of backlink

For example wealthytrench.com is my one website and chanakyament.com is my aunother website than I make a post in both website and give way to reach aunother website to the use of links. Than when visitor come to chanakyament.com website and show my aunother website’s link and some of them click and reach my wealthytrench.com website. Than my both website grow fast.

Make internal backlink

Internal backlink is most common and easy factor to create. When I create a way to reach one post to aunother post or a one page to aunother page of my website it called internal backlink

For example I make a post “what effect backlink in SEO.” Than if I make a new post to “what is SEO” and then I give way to reach both post. Than if any of the visitor come on my any post most of case they go to aunother post because both post are usable for that. Than I make more reach.

Create backlink with guest post

If I am a independent blogger and I started my journey from now than I contact aunother same as me who started a blogging journey than I make a offer to we both create a guest post of each other. To using this technic i make a post of other who agree with me and make a post in the post give link to reach their post and they also do this with my post to the use this technic we both grow fast.

Buy a high backlink domain

In the internet daily number of website starts and number of website shut down. Than I search a deleted website who have a huge backlinks. Some of domain have a huge backlink I’ll buy that domain and that domain redirects to my domain than I’ll reach a number of visitors.

But in this technic some domain make scams so don’t buy that type of domain. Before buy any old domain please check any of the domain history on archive.org I’ll ever use this to know any of the domain history.

Get traffic with social-media

In today times everyone use a social-media. Survey says in 21st century 91 percent younger use social-media. Than use your social-media to get more traffic of your website. Social-media is coolest way to more reach of your website.

For example in my Factbook account I make a link to reach my website so I assume i get assure some of website traffic from my social media. I make a pics or post in my Factbook and get a link of my website than what happen? I have a 5k friend on Factbook than some of directly click on my pics post link or reach my website.

Don’t do this

  • Don’t Make a comment of any other’s website they will definitely block you
  • Don’t make a comment on any other’s youtube video it can’t usefully
  • Don’t share your website link on new social media account again and again social media is a advertising giant they don’t like to you get free promotion of your website on their platform they block your account.
  • Don’t try to make a backlink in Wikimedia they decently remove by there moderator.

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