What is the dark web, and how to surf it safely? Exploring the untold truth.

Exploring Internet

The dark web, often referred to as the internet’s underworld, always raises questions about the origin, use, and risks associated with the dark web. To understand the dark web, we need to explore the entire internet, typically includes the surface web, deep web, and dark web.

Surface web or Deepweb

The surface web is a part of the internet that you can easily access using search engines like Google, Bing, and Firefox. It’s just only 5% of the entire internet and in surface web includes all sites such as Facebook and Amazon. In contrast,deep web includes 80% of what’s on the internet.You need a special paramission to surf the deep web. The Deep Web includes website databases, net banking, email accounts, and more. However, these are not accessible to the public, only the rightful owner has access.

What Is the darkweb?

Now, the last and darkest part of the Internet, known as the Dark Web, to surf Darkweb you need to use the Tor browser, Regular browsers like Chrome or Firefox will not work to access the Dark Web. The dark web is 15% of the Internet and is used for both legal and illegal purposes. To enter the Dark Web, you must use the Tor browser with a special link endingin with .onion.

The dark web is designed in a way that, everyone entering is unknown to each other, and your identity is never revealed. Here, you’ll find all the content that doesn’t fall under any legal jurisdiction. You’ll find everything here. Most of governments secret organization around the world use the dark web because tracing it is near to impossible.

On the internet, your movements can always be tracked due to your IP address. But in the dark web, both user and website IP addresses change a lot. This makes it nearly impossible to trace the real IP of any user. Because of this, it has become a hub for those living in the darkness of anonymity.

How to access dark web?

If you wish to use the DarkWeb on your system, what should you do? you will need to open a website named tourproject.org on any search engine. This is a non-profit organization, and From here, download the application based on your preference, then install it. The installation process is too easy. Open the application, press connect, and your Tor logs will start. Now it’s ready to use. Click on link.onion to find various onion links.

how to surf Darkweb safely ?

Surfing the dark web can be risky in some cases, but with proper security, it doesn’t have to be more difficult; it becomes more secured. Here, we will provide you with some essential points to keep in mind. Make sure to consider these points before accessing the dark web for a safe experience.

1. Use Only Tor Browser:For safe browsing on the dark web, use the trusted Tor Browser to open .onion links. Keep your Tor Browser updated for better security. The Tor team regularly makes it safer by fixing old issues. Also, make sure the websites you visit have HTTPS for a secure connection while exploring the dark web.

2. Enable VPN / PROXY: Before surfing the dark web, always use a VPN and a PROXY to add an extra layer of security. Because the dark web is the home of hackers, And it is important to understand their capabilities, Using VPN and Proxy Increases Your Security.

3. Avoid To Share Personal Information: Don’t share personal information on the dark web, such as your name, email, or bank details. Stay safe and protect your privacy while exploring this dark space–it can be too dangerous.

4. Be Cautious With Links: You’ll find many links on the dark web that are not safe for you. Downloading anything from the dark web is foolish. Use it Wisely.

5. Stay Anonymous: When exploring the dark web and visiting different sites, use different names for each site. Using the same name can put your privacy at risk.

6. Beware of Scams: In today’s time, the Dark Web has become a hub for scammers. Around 40% of websites are scams. Stay clear of scammers and don’t get caught in their schemes.

7. Understand the Risks: Understand the dangers of the dark web thoroughly. Drugs, weapons, bank details, child pornography and human organs are also bought and sold here. Therefore, it is better to stay away from any such website, because getting involved in such activities can get you into legal trouble..

Remember, surfing the dark web comes with lot of risks, and it’s crucial to prioritize your safety and privacy.

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