Setting Up Custom Domain on Blogger

Enhancing Your Blogger Blog Transitioning From to Using Custom Domain Name.

1. First Go to the blogger setting and find out custom domain

You should click on your blog’s settings, Which you will easily find on the left side of the blog
custom domain blogger

2. Write custom domain in field like

There, you will find ‘Custom Domain’ written in the publishing section. Click on it and enter your domain as shown in the image below.

3. Open Domain DNS records in godaddy

Next, click Manage DNS of your domain. Your domain will be with any domain registrar, and you will find DNS settings in all of them.

4. Replace the existing CNAME record with Blogger

Afterward, you need to update  CNAME records. Add ‘www‘ in the name field and ‘‘ in the destination field, As shown in the photo below. the first CNAME records is same for every blogger user.
godaddy custom domain
godaddy dns records

6. After CNAME record update Your Domain Successfully connect with your domain

Adding another record is a unique process for each user. Copy the second name and destination carefully, and then add them to your second CNAME record. Samples are provided in the photo below.
Then click on the Save button, it may take some time for the DNS to update
connect custom domain

7. Don’t Forget to redirect Redirect domain

Your domain is now connected with Blogger. Next, click on ‘Redirect Domain.’ This helps in opening your website from to
redirect domain

8. Start HTTPS Availibility 

At the same time, click on the following options: ‘HTTPS Availability’ and ‘HTTPS Redirect’ so that your website will have an SSL certificate.
start https blogger

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